Burley Motorsports Does Las Vegas! SEMA Show 2017

Burley's Class 5 Pre-Runner

Hosted from October 31 – November 3, 2017,  the SEMA Show was a huge success this year for Burley Motorsports!  While we are especially fond of the Street-Legal Class 5 Baja Pre-Runner that we built for Radflo Suspension Techonolgy , we had a great time looking at all the vehicles that are on display at the show.  From old classics with awesome paint jobs, to the newest cars and trucks with killer wraps, the show had something for everyone!

We thought it might be nice to show a few of the more radical designs here, and give you a peak at not just what the automotive industry will be rolling out in the coming years, but also the classics that will never die!  Hope you enjoy the tour as much as we did!  Touch any photo to expand it,  and get a better view of this show!

Do you think we should put a clean, souped-up Syncro in next years’ SEMA show and prove to some of the rock crawlers what a VW is made of?  Comment and let us know!


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