We have assembled a list of “frequently answered questions” for you.  We realize that there are often more questions associated with custom-made parts than there are for stock parts, and we do our very best to make sure everyone is both well-informed and pleased with our products.

**Due to Covid-19, we are sometimes short of manpower and because of this we may not be able to ship within 24 hours.  This is a temporary problem, but one that is out of our control.  

Many parts we have in stock.  All parts that are in stock are shipped out within 24 hours of purchase.  We almost always ship with UPS Ground, unless otherwise specified, and regular UPS shipping terms apply. 

There are other items that are built as they are ordered, and the lead time varies, depending on the where they land in the queue of parts ordered before them.  We do usually make a “run” of items at one time, so we try to have things in stock.  But, depending on demand, some items, even the same items, may take longer than expected.  Burley makes the majority of our parts by hand, and he will not put quantity before quality and safety.  We want everyone to have the nicest product that we can manufacture.  The Burley Motorsports reputation was built on this fastidiousness and attention to detail.  So while some parts take longer than other places, we guarantee that you will be pleased with the product and can rest assured that it will perform in the manner in which it is supposed to.   .

Yes!  We have many customers outside the United States.  We will ship one item or a pallet full of items. We are very familiar with freight-transportation and customs forms, and we are willing to help our customers in any way needed to unsure they receive their packages as economically as possible.  If there are any issues with our shipping-calculation  system, as sometimes happens with foreign addresses and zip codes, please feel free to contact us: (805) 280-8018 or Burley@BurleyMotorsports.com.  We will help to find the best shipping rate available.   
Please take the time to read our Core Policy under the Policies tab, as there are other rules that apply to cores.  However, as long as the cores meet the standards set out in our Core Policy, we accept cores until 30 days after the day the new replacement part was originally shipped out.  
You will receive the very next newsletter that we send out!  We send newsletters out quarterly: January, April, July and October.  Each quarterly newsletter will have newsletter specific specials that only subscribers are entitled to received.  In addition, you will have first peak at any new products coming down the pipeline, and stay up to date on what is happening in this awesome Vanagon Community! 
We use a basic UPS extension, attached to our shipping calculator.  All prices that are quoted come straight from UPS.We have entered very accurate weights and dimensions for each and every product, and we default to UPS Ground as our shipping option, to ensure that you get the best shipping rate available from UPS.For shipments going outside the United States, we have defaulted to UPS Expedited, which we have found to be the most economical to our customers.In addition, we do offer the “more expensive but more expedient” option of overnight delivery specifically for customers who cannot wait to receive their delivery.  
You will be sent a confirmation email and a tracking number at the time of shipping, along with a link.  Please go to the link and enter the tracking number.