This Vanagon is HOT! (Team Polizei at 24 Hours of LEMONS)

Burley Racing at Sonoma Speedway, Sears Point

Team Polizei Comes in 10th Place Overall at Sonoma Raceway, March 23, 2017!

Not bad for four guys in a Vanagon!  Eric, Burley, Seth and Drew make up the cast of characters who call themselves Team Polizei and who race in the “24 Hours of LEMONS” circuit.  

The Vanagon makes quite a spectacle out on the track.  While none of the other racers takes this behemoth seriously in the beginning, Team Polizei gathers laps, and by the second day of this two day race, the Polizei Vanagon is more than just a crowd pleaser.  They are a foce to be reckoned with! 





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