Burley Motorsports VW Syncro Build for SEMA Show 2019

Syncro Build for SEMA Show 2019

Burley Motorsports built the most radical Off-Road Tin-Top Syncro for the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV.  Watch as the build takes place in high-definition, transforming this old VW Syncro from top to bottom. 

A very special “Thank you” to:  Radflo Suspension Technology for their sponsorship in the SEMA Show 2019. 

In addition, a special “Thank you” to:  Method Race Wheels, Terrawagen and Sign Creations.  And to Jonathon Schraeder for his help at the finish line! (Method wheels and Terrawagen fender flares are offered here on this site.)

Our Off-Road Weekender Syncro build consists of all products manufactured or sold by Burley Motorsports:


  • BMS/Radflo Syncro Suspension System (Front)
    • Radflo Off-Road 2.0″ Diameter, Coil-Over Shock with Remote Reservoir, 5/8″ Shaft with 22 Settings of Compression Adjustment
    • BMS Billet Aluminum Upper Control Arms with Grease-able Heim Joints                
    • BMS Custom-Plate Lower Control Arms with Urethane Bushings and Stainless-Steel Sleeves
  • BMS Front-Suspension Bushings
  • All-New Front Lower-Control-Arm Bolts, Washers and Lock Nuts, Including at Radius Rod Attachment
  • BMS 16″ 930 Syncro Front CV Axle Kit
  • Rebuilt Power Steering Rack
  • New Tie Rod Assemblies – Febi
  • New Upper and Lower Ball Joints – Febi
  • BMS Radius Rod Bushing Kit with Stainless Steel Washers and Sleeves
  • BMS Heavy-Duty Sway Bar Links
    • BMS Complete Urethane Sway Bar Link Bushing Kit
  • BMS Front Big Brake Kit with 288mm Drilled/Slotted Rotors
    • BMS Dust/Ventilation Shields
    • Ceramic Brake Pads
    • BMS Braided, Stainless-Steel Brake Hoses (made in USA, DOT-Approved)


  • BMS/Radflo Syncro Suspension System (Rear)
    • Radflo Off-Road 2.0″ Diameter Smooth Body Shock, Remote Reservoir, 5/8″ Shaft with 22 Settings of Compression Adjustment
    • Rear Eibach Springs
    • Rear Pivoting Spring Perch Hardware Kit with Spring Pre-Load Tension Adjusters
  • BMS Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit with Drilled/Slotted Rotors
  • Ceramic Brake Pads
  • BMS Braided, Stainless-Steel Brake Hoses and Parking Brake Cable  (Made in USA, DOT-Approved)
  • BMS Custom-Version 16”  Rear Trailing Arms
    • BMS Urethane Trailing Arm Bushings and Bolts
  • BMS 930 CV Axle Conversion Kit – Rear
  • BMS Billet-Steel Rear Bearing Housings
  • New Rear Stub-Axle Bearings – Febi 


  • Odometer Reading: 151,981
  • Engine VW 2.1 ltr WBX (86K miles)
    • New Fuel Injectors
  • Transmission 094 with Locker and Front Differential Non-locker with Viscous Coupling
    • New Shifter Bushing and Coupling
  • Brand New Drive Shaft
  • BMS Drivetrain Mount Kit
  • All New Front Subframe Mounting Bolts with Stainless-Steel Washers, and new lock Nuts
  • New Brake Master Cylinder 
  • New Clutch Master Cylinder
    • BMS Braided, Stainless-Steel Clutch Master Hose
  • New Clutch Slave Cylinder
    • BMS Braided, Stainless-Steel Clutch Slave Hose
  • New Radiator-Behr
    • New Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses
  • BMS Lateral Coolant Pipes
  • New Gas Tank, Seals and Roll-Over Valves
    • All New Fuel Hoses, including Fuel-Filler Hose
  • Entire Undercarriage cleaned and painted with a Corrosive-Resistant, Protecting Coating


  • Weekender Interior
  • 2 Jump Seats
  • Factory Rubber Floor Mats for Off-Roading
  • New Shaded Windshield
  • Powder Coated Wiper Arms
    • New Wiper Blades
  • All Windows Tinted and Given New, Rubber, European-Style Seals
  • New 1985 Grill
  • New Osram LED 7” Headlights
  • New Smoked-Lense Tail Lights
  • New Smoked Front Turn Signals
  • New LED Dome Lights, Fixtures and Bulbs
  • BMS Full-Body Aluminum Skid Plate System
    • BMS Heavy-Duty Driveshaft Protection Bars
    • BMS Engine/Transmission Skid Plate Frame
  • BMS Custom Pre-Runner Style Bumpers (Front and Back)
  • BMS Custom, Snorkel-Style Tail Pipe
  • New Side View Mirrors
  • New Black, Textured, ABS Plastic Door Panels
  • New Upholstery on all Seats and Back Cushion
  • New Method Matte-Black Racing Wheels
  • New Crosswind, Mud Terrain Tires 225/75/16
  • New Terrawagon Fender Flares


  • BMS Swing-Away Rear Tire Carrier
  • BMS Swing-Away Utility/Gas-Can Carrier
    • Two 2-Gal. Rotopax Gas Cans
  • BMS Custom Light Bar/Cargo Rack
    • 54” Double-row LED Light Bar


  • New Synthetic Gear Oil in Both New Shifter Bushing and Coupling
  • Brake Fluid Flushed and New
  • New Oil and Oil Filter
  • Fresh Phosphate-Free VW Coolant


  • New, Full-Body Wrap (Black, White, Grey Tribal Markings on top of Night Camo)
  • Removable Radflo Sticker
Burley Motorsports Build Sign

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